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The Perfect Fit
When searching for a pre k program for my son, I had a lot of requirements for the school he would attend. A friendly staff was a big one. I must have visited 15 schools in the Suwanee area. KRK Suwanee was first on the list. The staff there was immediately open, warm, and inviting. After viewing other schools in the area I knew it had to be Krk Suwanee. Mrs. Tori remembered my son after only meeting him once. That meant a lot to us. It showed how much they already cared and that we would not be just another head count. Im impressed that when I ask my son "what did you learn today?", he is more than excited as he tells me what Mrs. Malorie taught him. My son absolutely loves his school and his teachers and we could not have picked a better place. Thanks KrK Suwanee for easing a big worry that most parents have when sending their child off to school.
Jovohn A Raglin - GA
Great Care for my 3 Girls
As a mother of a 6 year old, 3 year old and 5 month old I have experienced many childcare centers. Kids R Kids Satellite has loving and trustworthy teachers that are fairly consistent. My girls love their teachers and enjoy going to daycare. (When your child chooses daycare over Gymnastics camp for Spring Break, it really means something.) The administration of this center is top notch based on my experiences at 4 other centers over the years. I would recommend this Kids R Kids to anyone searching for loving daycare where you and your children can feel comfortable.
T Adams - GA
Trusting Staff
The care my child has received over the past year and a half has been wonderful. I trust the staff and its administration with my child, an that is the greatest endorsement I could give!
J. Ruiz - GA
Wonderful Center!
At 5 months pregnant I began to look for a daycare for my new little arrival. I visited Kids R Kids along with several other local daycares and was impressed with the people and the facility. It was bright, airy and looked like a great place. I wanted somewhere close to my office so I could check in on him and make sure everything was good. I made my decision to use Kids R Kids and put it in the back of my mind for the next few weeks. I returned to work when my son was 5 weeks. I took my son into his new school and was very concerned because he had not had a real easy time. I took in my precious gift and handed him to the teacher and went to work. I like most new Momís was concerned but had to trust I had made the right decision. I now know I made a better decision than I could have ever imagined. Six months later I know that my son is in the best place he could be. I often feel he is at a better place than if I were at home with him, because there is another set of eyes watching him for problems that I may miss. It has been amazing to have several other mothers (the daycare staff) to bounce ideas off of and get suggestions. They have spotted him tugging on his ears when I missed it. My son has asthma and I have been concerned but they watch him like a hawk and give him the treatments when they were needed. My son was in the hospital and out at home with me and the staff calls to check on him. We often go by at lunch to check up on him, but now it is to see him playing with his friends not to check up on him. They are also great when we call to check on him as he has had rough days with teething. Kids R Kids is a great place and they take incredible care of my son, they truly love my son and care about his wellbeing. As he continues to grow they work with him to encourage him to sit up and crawl. They get excited in his new tricks and development. I know he is in the best place when I am not able to be with him.
Fran Yates - GA
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