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Summer Camp

Get ready to go with us on "An American Road Trip" this summer...

This summer campers will take a virtual trip across the United States with wacky, weird, and wonderful sites to see along the way.


Campers will start with a hiking adventure along the Virginia Appalachian Trail pushing southward into the middle and eastern states of the country.  Our travelers will grab a quick swim in the waters of the Florida coast line, head west into Texas, catch a cruise ship to California, and end with an exhilarating adventure through Alaska!  Through this country trek, east to west, campers will connect with other Kids ‘R’ Kids schools collecting friends and swapping stories of their summer trip.  Children will also take fun and exciting field trips throughout the summer.  Come join in on this American Road Trip!


School Age Program children must be entering the 1st grade up to 12 years old.  Junior Summer Camp children must be entering kindergarten. Please stop by the front desk to pick up a calendar and sign up for “Kids ‘R’ Kids American Road Trip,” as spaces are limited.

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